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by Isa Beniston

Leiminspace presents Los Angeles-based artist Isa Beniston’s first solo exhibition PUPPIES, opening August 6th at 7pm.

For PUPPIES, Beniston dots the gallery walls with neurotic animals suspended in saccharine color fields and softly airbrushed portraits of women getting sunburned. While they seduce with playful colors, a longer look reveals more enigmatic undertones. The puppies, lambs, and bunnies depicted often appear sad and self-aware, while the women squint, willfully disengaged from their viewer. The images seem to tell only a fraction of a story, giving the viewer the space to invent the rest.

Upstairs, the subjects of the work are on display: cheap figurines, stuffed animals, and candies sourced from flea markets, estate sales, and dollar stores. Installed above the work downstairs, these objects offer a visual foundation of the artist’s muse while giving insight into her process.

PUPPIES will be on display throughout the month of August, and Beniston will be at the gallery on August 20th hosting a live airbrushing event at 6pm. PUPPIES closes on Thursday, August 25th.

More about the artist:

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