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Stickerly: LB

By Annelie McKenzie

     Annelie McKenzie is an LA based painter whose work is signatured with indulgent impasto and expressly cutesy motifs; painted doodles of hearts, stars and blossoms sparkle among her pieces, often jumping joyfully outside of the canvases and onto the frames themselves . In Stickerly; LB, McKenzie turns her full attention to these rogue moments. At once painterly and photographic, the thickly slathered oil paint reveals screen shots of puppy-faced mirror moments and engravings by Renaissance Artists. Adorning these visions like plastic hair barrettes are visual elements that McKenzie has found in diary margins, Lisa Frank scenes, and Grandma's wallpapers. The sum total is both voyeuristic and confessional. Not only analyzing, but also participating in the fecund world of decals, McKenzie's work refutes the idea that "cute" is an aesthetic damned to frivolity and naïvete. 

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