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Tina Warrior Princess Gallery

 by Christine Stormberg

Leiminspace is proud to announce TINA WARRIOR PRINCESS GALLERY a solo art show by LA artist  Christine Stormberg. The opening reception will be held on the evening of June 17th, 2017, from 7-10 pm. The show will be open to the public Wednesday - Sunday, 1-6 pm, June 17th through July 10th .  


    In TINA WARRIOR PRINCESS GALLERY, Christine Stormberg proffers a bulging body of sculptures and oil paintings which harmonize with their saturated colors, emphatic gestures, and robust proportions. Guided by a purple glow from above, viewers are invited into a space that is pregnant with ecstacy. Images of life-size women in club attire wait for entry alongside sculptures of bulbous cartoon women who echo the ancient rapture of St. Teresa. Built from cement, Power Puff Girls, Paint, muppets and Deities, the works stand outside of any one chronology, expressing in their entranced eyes the desperation of life and time. The exhibition forms an ecstatic sanctuary in which one is invited to meditate on the oneness of flesh and celestial spirit. 

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