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New work by Laura Soto

   Leiminspace excitedly announces it's October show: Few and Far Between - A Solo show of work by Laura Catherine Soto. The show will be on view from October 8th through November 3rd, 2016.


    “Few and Far Between” transforms the space into a white cavern encrusted in glimmering globs of mixed media. The clods that populate the installation are resinous mixed media pieces that encase and are encased by acrylic, glitter, shells, paper, and other found matter.  The swollen sculptures unilaterally evoke stalagmites and pustules, visually confusing the epidermis of the earth with that of the human body. 


     The globules cling to the walls, like Plath’s “sticky pearls”. The pieces are unified under one process, one set of ingredients, and one creator-- however, the globs diverge from their genesis and flower into their own unique surfaces and conglomerations. Their organic distribution invites discovery and engages the viewer in that same joyful instinct of curiosity enacted by those patient sorts of children apt to spend hours crouching before treasures lying on the ocean's shore. 

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