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Compare You to Me

Ambar Navarro

Leiminspace is proud to become the Apple Store for Ambar Navarro's solo exhibition entitled “Compare You to Me”. The opening reception will take place on the evening of December 3rd, from 7-10 pm.  Please join us for art, cake, and music DJed by @officialseanpenn! 


      Leiminspace will become an Apple Store for the month of December. In this site-specific installation, “Compare You to Me”, Ambar Navarro realizes the Apple Store of her dreams. The space’s sleek interior as well as it’s staircase-bisected layout are drawn upon and furnished with carefully selected table tops, benches, and stools in order to replicate the glassy and symmetrical retaily insides of the Apple store. In place of Apple’s latest devices, are Navarro's photographs, videos, and prop iPhones. Displayed with rotating platforms, levitating surfaces and product decals, the installation actively conflates retail and gallery presentation. 


    “Compare You to Me” invites the viewer to contemplate the heightening role of replication and comparison. Central to the show, is the image of Paris Hilton shopping with her stack of iPhones in hand (Google it). The stack of iPhones directly symbolize excessive wealth, but in ever-more accessible terms.  From the replication of the Apple Store itself, to her recreations of the Paris Hilton photograph, Navarro’s show plays with the blending of celebrity and prosaic which is allowed by Apple products. When we are functioning via the same clean IOS interface, it is effortless to Compare You to Me. 

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