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 Behind, Before

An Exhibition by Katie Wigglesworth and Christine Turner


 Leiminspace is pleased to set forth Behind, Before a duet exhibition of works by Katie Wigglesworth and Christine Turner. The exhibition will be on view throughout the month of May 2016. 


   Behind, Before combines woven sculptures and charcoal and ink drawings by Wigglesworth and Turner, respectively.  The pieces are unified by deeply meditative praxes. Both artists consider their spiritual lives to be at the forefront of their art practices, regarding their works as physicalized prayers. The formal qualities of the artists’ pieces interlace effortlessly, the wispy strokes of Turner’s drawings and the threads of Wigglesworth’s webs quietly reflecting one another. 


      Wigglesworth’s shroud-like woven pieces, fall gracefully around the space. The familiarity of the typically functional medium calls one’s mind to domestic images of dresses, coverlets, and table cloths. However, these allusions are subverted by overgrowth. The process of weaving captures the tempo of Wigglesworth's motion, crystallizing her moods, thoughts, and intention throughout the irregularities of the resulting fabric. The pieces become vessels of information about their creator, the scale of the webwork ebbing and flowing like the breath of an organism. 


     Turner’s human-scale black and white drawings stem from meditation on memory and surroundings. At a glance, the pieces evoke images of chaparral hills, boulders, and caves . Upon further examination, the impressions of terrain unravel into a tangled abstraction. This play on recognition hinges on Turner’s referencing memory, rather than photos, when creating her drawings. The pieces retain information of the memorized landscapes that she has internalized throughout her life, from the anti-landscape of LA to the woods of the Midwest. 

Katie Wigglesworth:

Christine Turner:

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