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L7 by

Brittney Scott

 “L7” a solo show by internet artist Brittney Scott. The opening of the show will be held on the evening Thursday, January 21st, 2016 at 8 pm and will be exhibited at the space until February 11th, 2016.


     @leiminspace is proud to announce “L7”, a solo show by internet artist, Brittney Scott, or, as she is known on twitter, @B666S.  The title of the exhibition, “L7”, directly refers to the pieces in the show: neon squares. Each glowing square is a portrait of one of the artist’s friends. This series of pieces originated online, in the form of minimalist, digitally-rendered squares made by Scott using her smart phone. 


     Scott overpasses the conflict of translating digital to physical by fabricating her digital square portraits as neon wall pieces. Neon elegantly bridges this gap by retaining the luminescence of a phone screen as well as by preserving the sharpness of digital marks. 


    Scott's extreme simplification of portraits spotlights a movement in visual culture toward optical efficiency. Scott's pink square self-portrait is irreducibly minimal while remaining recognizable enough to be identified by her twitter followers scrolling swiftly down their timelines. Furthermore, the square shape specifically echoes almost every manmade form that surrounds us, within both cyber and physical realms. Scott stresses that ever since she started created the digital squares, she has not been able to see anything but squares. We challenge the reader to find a field of vision that does not contain square elements. Indeed, as you are reading this either on a sheet of printer paper or a screen, you are already losing. ;) 


      Brittney Scott -(b. 1991) is most recognized for her sad face twitter avi, a simple finger-painted digital portrait, which instantly captivated thousands online, who requested that she draw portraits of them in the same style. Scott recently transitioned these portraits from faces to squares. Though the motivation and process remain the same, the effort with which the digital pieces were fabricated has been reduced. Nonetheless, Scott continues to receive countless requests for square portraits, mostly by people whom she has never met. In addition to her portraits, Scott is well-known for her tweets, which teem with honesty, humor, emotion and self exploration.  Scott asserts that her artwork is born of an earnest desire to entertain as well as from a need to express.


Twitter: @B666S

Insta: @brittneyscott


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